Water Damage & Restoration

We are a Water Damage Restoration business. We are an IICRC certified Water Damage Restoration Company currently serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, & West Palm. We Offer FREE estimates. We know that time is of the essence in these matters so we guarantee a response in 30-45 minutes. AAA Water Restoration is licensed and insured.

Water Restoration Services

AAA Water Restoration specializes in the following:

Water Damage Restoration

In severely water damaged buildings, a thermal hygrometer is used to monitor temperature and relative humidity. This allows the water damage technician to monitor the amount of moisture in the air and adjust drying equipment accordingly. We will wisely place necessary drying equipment through out the affected areas in order to properly and efficiently get rid moisture. All drying equipment will be removed when we are certain that your structure is completely dry, so you can rest assure all secondary damage is minimized.

Causes of Water Damage

Hidden and trapped moisture, if not discovered and promptly dried, is what causes most of the damage in a water damaged building. Sensitive moisture meters detect trapped and hidden moisture in and below the surface of building materials. A "Moisture meter" is also used to positively identify carpet and padding that is wet. Often the surface of the carpet will appear or feel dry but the padding and sub-floor below is saturated. This tool identifies these areas.Our professional certified technicians will use powerful and state of the art extracters to remove any unwanted water from your tiled, wood or laminate flooring in your business or your home.

Water Damage: Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Water Damage & Restoration Frequently Asked Questions to find answers regarding Water damage prevention, dealing with damage as it occurs and damage assessment.

How can I inspect my house safely in the event of water damage?

Even when water has vanished you should remain vigilant. Prevent your family from suffering from water damage related dangers.

What are the best ways to secure my property after water related damage or floods?

When not occupying the water damaged home make sure to lock up everything to prevent looters from salvaging through your home.

How can I estimate the extent of the water damage properly?

Cautiously entering the water damaged home. Make sure it is safe to do so. Mark the walls to reference flooding water levels. Document all precious posessions that have been seriously affected by water damage.

What are the electricity related safety rules after water damage has occured?

There 3 basic safety rules:

Water Damage Prevention

How can I know if I have water damage in the kitchen?

The following are typical signs of water damage in the kitchen: Leaks under the sink, slow draining pipes, cracked tile or missing grout, soft or stained walls and floors, leaks under and around the base of the dishwasher, and moisture behind the refrigerator.

Where do I need to look for water damage in the bathroom while inspecting?

Start with the toilet; check the water lines, the floor around the toilet, the tank and the toilet rim. Make sure no leaks are visible. Then inspect the Shower and Bathtub. Inspect the tiles, the grout, drain and visible plumbing. Confirm that all seals are tightened and dry. Be attentive to discolorations or soft areas around the bathtub walls.

Can the attic vents be a water damage "threat"?

Yes, but do not uninstall them. Vents are vital for proper attic ventilation and help circulating air and keep low humidity in the attic. However, vents must be inspected regularly.

I checked my attic insulation and it seems wet. How can I dry it and make sure it is still in good condition.

After being wet, most insulation is ineffective. However, it is hard to dry out insulation and therefore it will hold moisture for a while, creating high moisture conditions. It is strongly recommended to find and fix the leak source and replace all wet insulation.

I can see discoloration on the wall near my utility sink and the wall is getting softer. Does that mean a problem?

Stained or discolored walls around the utility sink probably means there is an internal leak in the pipes behind the stained wall. Fixing these pipes usually requires professional help. To verify the problem, consider hiring a professional for an infrared inspection.

What are the recommended tests for a sump pump?

There are 3 basic steps to do a sump pump test:

What are the warning signs for water damage in the refrigerator?

Generally, there 3 important red flags for water damage, originating in the refrigerator:

Do I have to install an exhaust fan in my bathroom?

Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom is much recommended. When running, the fan ventilates the bathroom by circulating air and therefore preventing damp air overloads. It helps to maintain low humidity levels, promoting good indoor air quality and reducing the chance for mold growth. It is important to turn it on while using the bathroom and for 5-10 minutes afterwards.

Recovering from Water Damage

Do I need to throw away all my kitchenware after a flood?

Don't throw away your dishes or cooking utensils. These items can easily be sanatized and disinfected. You may throw away wooden cutting boards, plastic utensils. Items such as baby pacifiers and bottle niples should be thrown away.

What is air drying?

Air drying is the most common technique for dry out. Airflow will speed up evaporation by moving moisture-saturated air, allowing dry air to absorb moisture. This method is inexpensive drying since no special equipment is required. However, it is relatively slow.

My books where soaked in water. How can I salvage them?

The best way to salvage precious photos is freezing them. Freezing will prevent further damage to your photos. Carefully rinse your photos clean, then place them in a zip lock bag and place them in the freezer. Consult with a professional conservator before attempting the process.

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